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A team of change-makers determined to create a holistic framework for pandemic response


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Pandemic Emergency 
Response Toolkit (PERT)

Strategic Procurement and Enhanced Capabilities (SPEC)

Rise. Inspire. Strive. Excel. (RISE)

An integrated approach to Re-Ignite Economies

Pandemic Emergency 
Response Toolkit (PERT)

An AI driven tool that provides insights on public health through surveys and contact tracing and makes uses of a velocity triage system to direct public and institutional decision-making.

Save the world

Our Mission

The outbreak of the pandemic has shown that catastrophe knows no borders, gender, class or other distinctions, and could re-emerge without warning, we realized that no solution can be affected by any one individual, company, or country. The Catalocity Group has taken this issue seriously and established a framework not only for saving lives now but implementing effective ways to prepare and prevent widespread loss of life in similar future scenarios.


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The Catalocity GroupTM is a member of the Due Good Deeds family of companies. We are united in purpose focused missions to move the needle on humanity.